you'll wake up oneday and everything will be okay.

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just keep going, one day you'll wake up and feel like your world is crashing down then before you know it it'll be perfect.

my boy, x x x x

my boy, x x x x

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finally found someone who makes me the happiest luckiest girl in the world.

so after instantly clicking, been able to talk everyday all day for the past 6 month, after long heart to hearts opening up about everything, been silly, having phone calls on night with no sleep before going to school/college, after taking our anger out on each other before making up 2 seconds later. the smiles, laughs, and even tears were finally together. the one person who makes me smile every single day without fail, the one i never get bored of spending all day, the one i sit with no makeup on and my hair everywhere eating pizza and ice cream cuddling and play fighting. i’ve found someone im keeping hold of, for once i’ve found someone perfect who gives me my perfect relationship.

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I think the worst thing about getting close to people is that they can leave you without any warning. No goodbye, no explanation, no anything, and you’re kind of just left sitting there wondering what you could have done to stop it. 

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“i like curvy girls” aka you like girls with flat stomachs and skinny legs but with huge boobs and a huge arse

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teacher:where's your homework
me:where's leonardo dicaprio's oscar
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